Thursday, January 8, 2015

Wonder (from Jade)

Today is...beautiful. There is a sweetness in the air, in the coolness gently moving deep red leaves upon thin, outstretched arms. Arms reaching high, dancing for the One who dreamt up the deepest of reds in which to dress them. Waving praises to the God who looks down with utter joy upon these arms swaying.

Thinking of what to pen to you this month, my head bowed low, eyes closed, words prayed slipped silently from a heart thinking of you. Thinking of His heart for you. Oh, daughter of the Living God, only one word came to mind.


There is a deepness that comes with living in pain. There is a well that goes down deep within our souls, and it holds things we do not speak of. It is where we package and drop boxes full of daily pain...that which is deep and unspeakable. We live with the well. We do not talk about the bone-shattering, heart-numbing, “oh, I’m fine” (but SO not fine) pain we carry. And yet, beautiful daughter of the Living God, there is a Spirit far deeper than the well we hold in us.

This Spirit, this amazing, bone-healing, heart-strengthening, “oh, how you are loved and cherished” Spirit, it moves with gentle sweetness across the landscape of the soul living within us. You, oh daughter of the Living God, you are cherished. Let this sink in. Listen to the Spirit whisper, “May you never lose your wonder, staring at the beauty of your King.” With eyes turned upward, may you never lose the wonder that can captivate the most tired of souls. Look up, oh daughter of the Living God. He is beautiful in all His ways. Despite the deepness that comes with pain, despite all the enemy whispers in the dark of the night, surely, as the dawn breaks across every morning’s horizon, this knowledge trumps the darkness. The beauty that is your God, the wonder that is your Savior, the indescribable love of this man who hung and stared down the ages at your face, all of this defeats what the darkness would tell you.

Do you know, do you realize, how invaluable you are to the Kingdom of Heaven? You are the only you He has created. You were sculpted, imagined, envisioned with eyes that loved you before you drew your first breath. Every hair on your head, every breath and tear and smile, all are looked upon and adored by the One who loves you more than you can begin to imagine. You are SO valuable to Him. You, oh daughter of the Living God, were created to bring glory to His holy name! You were created for a purpose, despite what the enemy has whispered in the dark of the night. Despite the lies you have listened to, despite all you have believed about your life, and health, and very existence itself, every. single. moment. you are cherished and your purpose is as great now as it ever was. There is nothing lost because you are currently struggling. Your worth is no less. Your beauty is not diminished. Your Savior gazes at you, stretches arms to draw you close, because you are the ONLY one who can fill that exact place in His amazingly individual heart.

You, oh daughter of the Living God, have been given the opportunity to live out your life, despite what the enemy meant for evil, with grace and beauty and joy, gazing in wonder upon the One who is faithful. And He is faithful. No matter how much we question it. No matter if there are days when we scream out the question, “Why?!” Still, beyond all we question He is perfectly faithful, and we are loved.

Do not lose your wonder, oh daughter of the Living God. Gaze upon the face of He who is worth it all! Let Him fascinate you daily, let Him draw you close, yell and scream and cry out if you have to (He can take it, I promise) and then, fall willingly into these arms that are strong and which will hold you despite all this life brings.

Never lose your wonder. Stare in awe at the beauty of He who loves you so.

You are loved.

So loved.

You are cherished.

Created for a purpose.

Answer the Call and know, your value is immense in the Kingdom of Heaven. For only you can bring glory to His name in your own way, for there is only one you.

Wonder at your God and know, you. are. loved. 

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