Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pain (from Rebecca)

It has been a long three days over here. 

The days have been filled with pain and sickness and for the time being I still am not seeing a break. 

While there are many difficult and tiring symptoms for my health issues (and its treatment), the times of daily/nightly unrelenting pain is some of the most difficult. (I am sure so many of you can relate.) It's hard to keep from feeling extremely discouraged and (for me) tearful after the pain continues day in and day out. I long to escape this body for a few moments of respite but, obviously, that is impossible. 

And so I cry out to the Lord for help. It hurts to even breathe and I ask (with little strength) for His mercy during this time. "... Heal me Lord for my bones are in deep agony." (Psalm 6:2b) I cry out over and over again. 

"Surely you are my help; you are the one who sustains me." (Psalm 54:4) Because you sustain me Lord I can take another breath and have encouragement for the minute and hours before me. 

"You are my God, have mercy on me Lord, for I call to you all day long." (Psalm 86:2) 

One day at a time friends, or sometimes, like these last few days, it is more like one minute (or hour!) at a time. Keep pressing on friends, keep pressing into Jesus. 

He will sustain us, even through the pain.


  1. Health is one of the many aspect in our life that we should take good care because if we are sick , we became useless and unimportant. We loose hope and everything became stagnant. Visit my site for more information. Thanks.



    1. Andrea, Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. We here at SEEN Gathering do believe in taking care of ourselves and our health but we are a Chronic Illness/Chronic Pain support group. We do not believe that sickness and pain is a result of "not taking care of our selves" You can read more about us and our beliefs at: www.seengathering.org or read Katie's post on "You are NOT to blame" here: http://www.seengathering.com/2014/09/you-are-not-to-blame-from-katie.html

      While we appreciate the time that you took to stop by we want to be very clear that we do NOT believe that a person who is sick or in pain is "useless and unimportant". This is in fact is what our whole ministry is based on.

      We were not able to reply directly to you because you are a "no reply blogger" but we did want to address your comment and why we disagree wholeheartedly with you. We pray that as you experience life and interact with those who are sick and in pain that you see that Jesus loves everyone and has a specific plan for each person.

      Many Blessings,
      SEEN Gathering Team

      p.s. Since you left this exact same comment on many of our posts we have removed them except from here. We pray that the Lord blesses you as you move forward in life.

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