Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year and some SEEN Gathering Updates!!

Happy New Year friends!! I hope that y'all had a wonderful holiday season celebrating the birth of our precious Lord! As we start this new year I pray that you are encouraged, refreshed, and excited to see what the Lord has in store for each of us. One of my (Rebecca) favorite verses is from Micah 7:7 and I think it is such a perfect picture of how to approach the new year: "But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord". Isn't that a perfect verse of encouragement? Let us "watch in hope" for what the Lord is going to do in our lives in this coming year!!
It is hard to believe that it has been a little over four months since SEEN Gathering officially launched! The Lord has been so good during this time and once again I am so humbled at the Lord's blessings each step of the way. I have seen over and over again the truth of the saying, "where God guides, He provides" in so many miraculous circumstances these past couple of years as this was just a dream and a calling and truly have seen the Lord work in so many ways these past few months. At the same time I have also learned a ton and we have made some changes accordingly! Today, I wanted to share with y'all some many amazing updates and some ways that you can be involved in this incredible ministry!  
First though I want to take a moment to say "thank you" again to the sweet ladies who have truly come along side this ministry and are sacrificing their time and sharing so much of their hearts with everyone. Thank you so much to Katie (who does an amazing job with our pinterest board) and Alison (who is in charge of our scripture memory section!) for your efforts and help behind the scenes. You have been such a blessing (and incredibly patient)!! Thank you so much to Michelle, Katie, Grace, and Jade for your willingness to share your hearts with our readers on the SEEN Gathering blog! These first posts have been simply amazing and are encouraging the hearts of so many!! Finally, thank you to each of you ladies for ALL of your prayers for this ministry and the way that you have blessed so many!! These past few months have brought challenges and difficulties (as life does) and we are so appreciative of the time that you sacrifice to share so much with everyone despite so much on your plate! Thank you!! 

Second, we are always looking for writers to share their hearts with our readers. If you are interested in contributing to the SEEN Gathering blog please email us at: and send us a query of a guest blogging post you would like to share. And if you would like to share an article or something on your heart for the magazine, please click HERE for more information. Please remember that we are a Christian ministry and articles should be written from a Christian viewpoint! 
Third, as we mentioned on our facebook page, we are so honored to have been nominated for two Wego Health Activist Awards (rookie of the year & best team performance)! Thank you so much to those that have nominated us! If you would like to endorse these nominations or nominate us for something else please click HERE! Thank you again!

Fourth, speaking of our Facebook page (and social media in general) we have loved connecting with so many people through these avenues! Would you spread the word and take the time to connect with us through these different avenues? We appreciate so much your love and support and love being able to update y'all and connect in a more personal way on these sites. You can connect with us through the following ways:
Instagram- Click HERE
Facebook Page- Click HERE
Pinterest- Click HERE
Twitter- Click HERE
Fifth, you might have seen on instagram and facebook that we mentioned that we need y'alls help! We are in the process of compiling a list of questions to send to churches to reach out and connect with them and help them start to think about whether they are a "chronically ill/pain friendly" church. We will also be sending out to them information about the website, our ministry, the upcoming magazine, and the crate 526 program. If there is any thing that you wish that churches would do or provide that would make them more "chronically ill/pain friendly" (or if you feel your church does something well!) we would love your input (suggestions will be kept anonymous)! We have received so many AMAZING ideas already and would welcome more! Leave a comment below or email us at (! We are looking forward to connecting with churches in a deeper way about this issue! (Our goal is to start connecting with churches in a deeper way in April 2015 so please keep this request in mind for the next few months!!)

Sixth, we are so excited that the SEEN Gathering magazine will be launching in the upcoming year. Our original goal was to have this released in early January 2015, but to be truthful there have been some delays due to health issues (which I am sure we can all understand!!) so it will now be released in April 2015!! Please be looking for updates in the upcoming months! 
Seventh, you might have seen on our website that we will be holding a retreat in the upcoming year! This is a project that we are very excited about and are looking forward to connecting with a small group of y'all! We would covet your prayers as our financial backer for this project has unfortunately gone through a very difficult personal experience and has had to withdraw their financial support for this project. (Our thoughts and prayers are with you dear friend during this difficult time!) We are currently researching options for a wonderful and perfect setting to host the retreat that is very "chronically ill/pain friendly". If you have any ideas or are interested in finding out more about how you can support  or sponsor this particular project of SEEN Gathering please email us at: and we will send you more information. In the meantime we covet your prayers as we continue to pray about the Lord's provision and direction for this event. 
Eighth,  our original goal was to launch the Crate 526 program in November and then this was pushed to December due to several different events. This program is now launching in January so we appreciate your patience as we have worked out some issues. If you haven't read about this amazing program you can read more about it HERE! We have been OVERWHELMED by the outpouring of support and desire to be apart of this program since the day the website launched. To be truthful we have hundreds of sign ups and we would love your help! Would you consider being apart of this amazing program? Your donation -$5 and 6 items will change TWO people's lives!! Want to find out more about how you can be apart of this- click HERE! Don't know what to send? That is fine! Fill out the form and someone will get back to you with all of the necessary information! Are you an Etsy shop owner that would like to donate items? We would LOVE to have you! Are you a teacher? EVERY box that we send will contain handwritten notes to the recipients. Would you consider having your class write notes of encouragement? Don't have time to purchase items but would like to help cover the cost of shipping? We would be so grateful! There are so many different ways that you can change the course of someones life through this program. Please pray about how you might do so today!!
Ninth, one of our goals at SEEN Gathering is to create and foster community and we are so excited to announce that we will be starting our first "online  2 month bible study" in February!!!! We will be going through the book,  "Mosaic Moments- Devotionals for the Chronically Ill" by Lisa Copen. Lisa runs a wonderful ministry called, "Rest Ministries" that reaches out to the Chronically Ill and I have been so encouraged by this book and am sure you will be too!! To join in on the Bible Study for the months of February and March we have set up a private Facebook Group where we can share our thoughts, what we are learning, and encouragement with each other. This will be a PRIVATE/SECRET SEEN Gathering group and my prayer is that it will encourage and strengthen the hearts of those who are in it. My other prayer is that it will allow for some community to start to develop at a deeper level as we share and pray for one another. In order to help foster and develop this community we will be limiting the group size to 15 members! So if you are interested please click HERE request an invite for this first Online Bible Study! (We will be doing online bible studies periodically so if you can't join in this time we look forward to connecting with you more next time!!
Finally, as we approach this new year we have learned a bit more about what our need for expenses will be. ALL of the programs, resources, and every little part of SEEN Gathering is generously run through donations. These last few months have taught us that we are still in need of some additional financial resources in order to offer all of these things. At this present time we are currently lacking $50 a month or $600 for the upcoming 2015 year. We are in need of $40 additional dollars each month to meet the demands of the CRATE 526 program and are also in need of $10 a month to keep our websites and upcoming release of our magazine at a reasonable and manageable cost. Would you please prayerfully consider giving to this ministry and praying for each of these financial needs to be met? Thank you so much! We have set up a "Go Fund Me Page" that can be found on the left of this blog or here:

Thank you so much friends for all of your support of this ministry. At the end of the day we are so incredibly grateful for your support and love this past year and are joyfully expectant on what the Lord is going to do in the upcoming year. Thank you for all of your prayers and for truly helping those who are hurting remember that they are SEEN. 

With Love, 

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