Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Resources for "Chronicittles"

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Today I wanted to pass on some WONDERFUL resources for "chronicittles" (those who have chronic illnesses in their twenties forties). Being diagnosed with a chronic illness at any age can be extremely difficult but for those in their twenties and thirties when life feels like it is just beginning, can bring with it a HOST of different emotions, feelings, and different issues. I have found my faith in God is what helps me through each day. I am also thankful for the resources that others have suggested to me. It is always encouraging to know that you are not alone. Listed below is in no way an exhaustive list (and we will keep adding to this list so check back often!) but I hope that you will find the following a helpful! If you have any resources that you could share~ please do in the comment section so we can add to this list!


1. "Life Disrupted: Getting Real about Chronic Illness in Your Twenties and Thirties" by Laurie Edwards  - This book iswonderful. It is a must read for anyone who has a chronic illness in their twenties and thirties. It is packed full of encouragement and great resources. On the back cover it states: "Reading Life Disrupted is like having a best friend and mentor who truly knows what you're going through". Well stated.

2. "Being Sick Well" by Jeffrey H. Boyd. - This book has been such an encouragement and while it is not specifically written for those in their twenties and thirties it will encourage and challenge anyone struggling with chronic illness to find joy despite having a chronic illness.

3. "God on Mute" by Peter Grieg. - This book is wonderful especially for those who are struggling with the the silence of God with chronic illness. Throughout this book Grieg shares his wife's story of struggling with severe epilepsy. 

4. "Coping with Chronic Illness" by H. Norman Wright & Lynn Ellis. While this book was not my favorite I did find that it had several different pages with very useful information for chronicittles {especially pages 84-86, chapter 6 ("dealing with loss" which is especially helpful for chronicittles), chapters 10 &11 ("rebuliding your life")}


1. SEEN GATHERING - a chronic illness ministry for those with Chronic Health Problems. (*smiles* yes, we had to mention our own!)

2. Chronic Babe - an online community for younger women with chronic illness

3. Rest Ministries- a christian organization that works to encourage those with Chronic Illness (at any age). One of the things that I have found incredibly encouraging about this website is that there is the opportunity to sign up (for free) their daily devotions which are so encouraging. The founder, Lisa Copen, struggles with her own health issues and gets it. 

4. Sick Girl Speaks - Tiffany Christenson who has cystic fibrosis and has had two double-lung transplants has a wonderful website and has written several books.  

5. Chronic Illness Coach - is a resource for those who have are balancing work while having a chronic illness. 

6. Laurie Edwards - this website is filled with great information and hosts her personal blog

7. Invisible Illness Week - hosts a yearly invisible illness week

Helpful Articles:

1. Impact of Chronic Illness on College Planning - this article will be especially helpful for those who are balancing education and chronic illness.

3. Too Young for Chronic Illness - This is a wonderful interview with Laurie Edwards

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